Planetside 2

The Freelancers Union is one of the most active outfits in Planetside 2, with over 150 active members. We play on the Miller (EU) server and fight for the Terran Republic. We punch above our weight and are a regular sight in battle.



Our community offers various activities every week, all the way from organized standard game-play to special events. Click here for our schedule!


Teamwork is a core principle of the Freelancers Union. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Coordination on the scale of Planetside is a defining aspect of our community.


We invest a lot of time and effort into our members. Experienced mentors are willing to help you with anything from game mechanics to meta details with our standardised training modules.


Leadership is an important part of FU. With regular leadership every night, you will always have a squad to play with. The Freelancers Union is the perfect place to develop your own leadership skills.

Your first steps in FU

     1. Join us in-game and on Teamspeak

     2. Join the discussion on our Discord and Forum

     3. Ask any officer for our welcome package


Fancy watching some bad-ass clips? Here are some of our best clips from FU.

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